What The Tri-State Needs To Know As The Economy Reopens

People wait in line to enter a supermarket on May 13
(Photo by Claudio Santana/Getty Images)

As states are figuring out ways to reopen the economy, we still have to be mindful of the novel Coronavirus! Since mid-March, non-essential work was shut down, causing many people to work from home or be out of a job.

New York is taking steps to “get back to normal” today (June 8) for Phase 1. As of today, gardening/landscaping businesses, drive-in theaters, dentist offices, construction, manufacturing, wholesalers, and previously “nonessential” retailers can resume work “with restrictions.” Delivery and curbside pickup will be allowed for retailers like clothing stores, health/personal care, luggage, sporting goods, furniture, office supplies, and more, NBC reports.

Subway commuters will go back to their daytime schedules and there are guidelines for how far apart people should stand. De Blasio announced new bus routes implanted from July to October that will give more options to commuters. Groups of 10 people or less are now allowed with social distancing rules. New York City beaches are closed for swimming but open for sunbathing, surfing, and sipping your feet up to your ankles. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced summer day camps will reopen June 29. Phase 2 will allow places like hair salons and outdoor dining to operate. 

New Jersey began easing some of their restrictions in May. Also now, in-person car sales, outdoor sporting like golfing/batting, and Non-essential construction work and curbside pickup at non-essential retail businesses are permitted to begin reopening. Later in the month the state will have more privileges like in-person DMV will resume on June 15, organized sports practices/hair salons can begin June 22, outdoor school graduations with social distancing can begin July 6 and more. 

In Connecticut, they began phase 1 back in May and are gearing up to go to phase 2. As of now, people can dine out, go to hair salons, casinos with social distancing rules in place, and the need to wear a mask. Phase 2 will begin June 17 and more nonessential businesses like amusement parks, indoor recreation (movies, bowling), zoos/aquariums (indoor/outdoor).