Whewww! NBC Cancels Megyn Kelly Today After Blackface Comments [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly

Photo Credit:  Phillip Faraone  – Getty Images


Welp…this is what happens when you defend dressing in Blackface on National TV.


According to reports Megyn Kelly’s 9am Today show has been AXED.


An NBC spokesperson confirmed to People Magazine that “Given the circumstances, Megyn Kelly Today will be on tape the rest of the week.” 


Thankfully for the STAFF…they are still employed, nonetheless they will be reassigned to a different show.


Megyn Kelly has not been completely fired, sources claim her show is just “most likely” cancelled….


Keep in mind Kelly has been dropped from her agency (CAA) after receiving major backlash for her comments regarding Blackface. 


Take a look at the video below: