Whoa! 6ix9ine’s Alleged Kidnapper Speaks Out For The First Time

Tekashi 6ix9ine on stage
(Photo by MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Getty Images)

(Photo by MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Getty Images)

For the past two weeks, the 6ix9ine/Nine Trey trial has been headline news with the focus on Anthony “Harv” Ellison. 

Ellison is on trial for allegedly robbing and kidnapping the rapper in July 2018. During the trial, 6ix9ine, multiple police and medical personnel and the driver Jorge Rivera gave their accounts on what happened the morning of the incident. 

Ellison didn’t tell his side until now. Complex reports, that Ellison’s representative, Camille Cushman released a statement that explains the defendant’s side of the story in his own words. The statement also includes that her rep was promised that he would be home in weeks if he “corroborated with their version of events” by federal agents. 

Ellison also stated that 6ix9ine staged his own robbery. “Danny didn’t care if the stunt could be taken as embarrassing, he thought it was believable. He said it would even make some people feel bad for him, which was good after all the trolling he had done. It worked, even Shotti bought it.”