Wiretap Conversation Indicates 6ix9ine was Targeted by His Crew

6ix9ine performing on stage

Photo credit: Thaddaeus McAdams / Getty Images 

As the drama keeps unfolding, rapper 6ix9ine former associates allegedly were planning to shoot him, reports TMZ.

Reportedly, federal agents wiretapped members of 6ix9ine’s former teams phone, and TMZ was able to obtain the transcript of one of the conversations. The conversation was between 6ix9ine’s former manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, and Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones.  In the transcript, the two were discussing 6ix9ine being a “snitch,” which came after he fired his whole team.

In the transcripts you can read Shotti telling Mel Murda that “[Tekashi&#93 is trying to dry snitch at the same time, homie. But he keep saying, f*** Treway, f*** that n****, Treyway. Ain’t no n****, Treway. F*** Treway.”

Shotti tells Murda that 6ix9ine has to get violated, since his actions and Jones replied, “Yeah, super violated. Super duper. Ain’t no much he could really do unless he run around with 100 armed securities all day.” Although it was not said that they were going to “shoot” him in the conversation, it was mention that Mel Murda was going to “feed” him. 

Things are not looking too good as we reported Tekashi could be facing life in prison. The trial is set to begin on September, 2019.