Witnesses Share Crazy Details About ‘Rob’s Rules’ During R. Kelly Trial 

R. Kelly performs onstage at TD Garden on October 6
(Photo by Natasha Moustache/Getty Images)

Witnesses in the Robert Kelly trial in Brooklyn, NY, shared details about the disgraced singer.

As reported on Hot New Hip Hop, some people spoke on R. Kelly’s controlling behavior. One of Kelly’s former employees said “female guests” had to wear baggy clothes and couldn’t leave the room without permission. In addition, the female guests weren’t allowed to make eye contact with other men. 

One of the people who testified was Anthony Navarro, who worked as a runner for Kelly in 2007. He would pick up food for Kelly or his guests, plus answer phone calls. Navarro compared the studio, located inside Kelly’s mansion, to “the Twilight Zone.” He said,  “It was almost like the Twilight Zone when you went into the gate like you’re in this different world that was just a strange place,” Navarro testified.

In addition, guests weren’t allowed to go anywhere on the property without explicit permission. He said, “They weren’t supposed to be wandering around. They had to get permission to do most things. They’d have to call either down to the studio or get ahold of Rob if they wanted anything, like food or things like that.”

Kelly is charged with one count of racketeering and four counts of violating the Mann Act. We’ll keep you updated as the case continues!