WizKid Denies Being An AfroBeats Artist

Wizkid, the popular Nigerian musician, recently took to Instagram to share exciting news about finishing his latest album.

However, before moving forward, he wanted to clear up some misconceptions about his music and how people perceive him.

In his post, he said, “and please, if you like my old song ‘Pakurumo,’ don’t download this new album. Delete me from your playlist and your life! And if you like Afrobeats, don’t download my album! I am not an Afrobeats artist! Don’t call me that! I am not Afro anything!”

While some people criticized Wizkid for his stance, others showed support. Some argue that Wizkid’s music doesn’t fit neatly into the Afrobeats category and that he shouldn’t be confined to a single label. On the other hand, many recognize Wizkid’s significant role in the success of Afrobeats and believe he should embrace it.

Wizkid further elaborated on his initial statement to provide clarity. He emphasized, “Listen, am I African? Yes. But I do make all sorts of music. I don’t want to be labeled just Afrobeats. That’s like saying every American artist makes rap.”

Despite opinions on his rant, Wizkid’s journey shows he’s trying to do more than just Afrobeats. While others may take credit for African artists’ success, Wizkid is taking control of his own destiny. He wants to decide how people see him and what kind of music he makes.

As discussions continue, it prompts us to think about the significance of labels and how artists express themselves.

Is Wizkid solely an “Afrobeats” artist? It’s a question worth pondering. However, one thing is clear: Wizkid is committed to pushing boundaries and asserting his individuality in the music world.