Woman Shoots Man in the Head By Accident While Playing With a Gun in the Car [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Activists against Gun Violence

[Photo Cred: Anadolu Agency / Contributor ]

I know this is the age of ‘HER’, and everyone is equal until proven other wise, AND Cardi B got women thinking they gangsta or some bs, but KNOW your limitations, and lets stop killing our Black men!!! The whole idea that it’s ok to have a gun in the car while on live talking sh*t, with people you don’t really know, and clearly you don’t know how to properly handle a weapon… because IF you did, you wouldn’t take the word of the dude in the backseat talking about there’s no clip in it, because clearly there was a loaded clip in it, and you point a loaded gun at another human being and pull the trigger… you just met him because he’s asking about you and who you are…. and now your DUMB a** is on the run, wanted for sometype of criminal charge, because you thought it was cool to be doing too much; WARNING; GRAPHIC CONTENT(Let it serve as a lesson, a life gone for what!):