Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Addresses Negative Comments + Updates Progress After Removing Ponytail 

Gorilla Glue
Photo by: Kyle Oster / Shutterstock.com

This is a crazy situation! 

A woman named Tessica Brown went through hell trying to remove gorilla glue out of her head. She initially used the glue as a substitute for strong hair spray, thinking it would do the job. Unfortunately, it did, but it had her hair stuck in the same style for over a month. She needed to seek medical attention in order to have the hair removed and is gearing up for surgery. She’s also taking legal action against the glue company. 

Tessica updated fans via social media. She let everyone know that she’s okay and she’s not easily broken. She also said she can’t believe some of the negative comments she sees but the people that truly love her keep her going. Take a look:

Hopefully, we all learn something from this!