Woman Who Used Gorilla Glue On Her Hair Plans To Sue The Company

Gorilla Glue
Photo by: Kyle Oster / Shutterstock.com

The issues between Tessica Brown and Gorilla Glue continues. 

It has been reported that Brown is planning to sue the company due to the fact that the label on the product does not mention do not use on hair instead it only mentions do not use on eyes, skin, or clothing. 

According to TMZ, the TikToker had spent 22 hours in the ER as nurses tried to loosen the glue from her hair. The hospital staff used acetone on the back of her head, which burned her scalp and caused the glue to get soft before hardening back up.

Gorilla Glue had initially informed Brown to use rubbing alcohol to get the glue to loosen up. They recently released another statement pertaining to the situation at hand. 

The company also says that all of its products are considered to be permanent. 

Brown stated in her TikTok video that she had used the adhesive spray on her hair a month ago and it has moved since.