WOW! Woman Who Almost Got Kidnapped On BX Train Confronts Abductor 

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Photo credit – Screenshot from viral video/Shutterstock

This story is bizarre! 

We covered the report, On Dec. 30th, a video went viral of a man on a Bronx train attempting to kidnap a woman. Shortly after the video went viral, people in the BX community got word, found the man and beat him up before he was sent to the police. 

The man has been identified as Sonny Alloway. He was in police custody and charged with unlawful imprisonment for hauling the terrified woman off the subway. Sonny was later released.

In a video, Sonny tells his side of things. He claims the woman he grabbed asked for help. 

The Shade Room posted a video of the woman who is allegedly in the video confronting Sonny. The two are yelling at each other until Police arrive and diffuse the situation. Take a look: