Yaya Mayweather Sentenced After Stabbing NBA Youngboy’s Baby Mother

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Yaya Mayweather has been sentenced to six years’ probation for 2020 stabbing.

We previously reported that Yaya Mayweather that back in 2020 Yaya was arrested in Houston. Reports claim that Yaya showed up to her now baby fathers house, NBA YoungBoy, and there she saw another one of his baby mother’s, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs. She reported grabbe two knives, and stabbed Jacobs.

Jacob was then hospitalized and had to undergo surgery for her multiple lacerations to her arm. Yaya pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. Alongside her probation, the judge gave her a Deferred Adjudication of Guilt.

Yaya and NBA share a son together, Kentrell JR. but are no longer in a relationship.