Ye Explains Why He And Drake Fell Out Again

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Kanye West, now going by the name Ye, recently joined the ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar by taking shots at Drake in an unofficial remix of Future and Metro Boomin’s chart-topping track “Like That.” Ye’s comments came during an appearance on Justin LaBoy’s The Download podcast, where he discussed why he and Drake fell out again and more.

In these clips, Ye, who has faced criticism for controversial remarks, discussed his motivation for hitting the studio and targeting Drake.

“[Future] called me and I went to the studio and laid that. We went through the creative process of adding the chords and called the Hooligans out in London to get on the joint,” Ye explained, emphasizing the energy behind creating the remix aimed at Drake.

Ye also brought up Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge and Drake’s reported multi-million-dollar deal with UMG. He criticized Drake’s deal as a “lifetime deal” that benefited the record label more than the artist. Ye referred to Grainge as Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy,” suggesting that Drake relies on UMG’s power and influence.

The ongoing feud between Drake and Ye, which has had moments of reconciliation like their appearance together at the 2021 Free Larry Hoover Benefit concert, seems far from over. While explaining why he and Drake fell out, Ye expressed a belief that Drake’s animosity toward him runs deep, suggesting that Drake sees opposing him as part of his job and implying a spiritual dimension to their rivalry.

Ye’s “Like That” remix, however, is not officially released on streaming platforms but is available for purchase on the Yeezy website. Fans can catch the full interview with Ye on The Download at 7 p.m. ET on Monday to hear more of his perspective on the ongoing feud and his motivations behind the remix.