YesJulz Enjoys Unemployment By The Pool While Ye Intends $8 Million Lawsuit

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Juileanna “YesJulz” Goddard hits the pool in Miami while facing an $8 million lawsuit for NDA violations from her former boss, Ye.

After publicly fired by the 46-year-old mogul on Tuesday (March 12), YesJulz posted bikini photos on a yacht or in a pool on social media, promoting her Snapchat account or captions like “Unemployed” and “Myami.” A user on X accused her of “getting naked for money” while sharing photos. She responded, “I have my time back and can enjoy yachts, my new pool & rollerblading again,” she said. Damn right imma do it all in a bikini & make more than you make in a year to document it on snapchat for a week.”

The photos have received a great deal of positive feedback from 651,000 followers. One user tweeted, “Perfect [thumbs up emoji] [heart eyes emoji],” while another said, “I need to figure out how to be unemployed and on a yacht ASAP.”

Ye shared his intention to sue YesJulz on Sunday (March 17) via a Notice of Intent to Arbitrate Before Judicate West on his Instagram story. The filed court document reads:

“NATURE OF DISPUTE, CLAIMS & RELIEF SOUGHT (a more detailed statement may be attached and/or any Complaint filed must be attached) Julianne Goddard has repeatedly, intentionally, and grossly violated the terms of her Non-Disclosure Agreement with Claimants, including publicly disclosing corporate sales figures, social media strategies, text messages with Ye and management, release plans for the Vultures album, and product designs before release. To say Goddard suffers from a lack of impulse control would be to excuse her from responsibility for behavior that is hurtful, hateful and destructive; it is to give her pattern of mendacious, malicious, manipulative outbursts a pass. The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said he wrote music “as a sow piddles.” Goddard’s own lukewarm and never-ending stream of willful, reckless and vindictive breaches of agreements she signed, and breaking of promises she made, left her workplace weaker, poorer, more disorganized and more dysfunctional than she found it. If the sums Claimants seek are extraordinary, it is only because of Goddard’s determination to disrupt business functions and sow discord know no equal. Goddard freely acknowledges that she has violated the NDA and intends to do more. Upon her termination she posted on X (Twitter): “F*ck an NDA sue me… I dare Milo or any lawyers at YZY to try.” They now do. Her NDA provides liquidated damages, which given the obscene scope of Goddard’s deceitful disclosures, she has accumulated a substantial tally derived from her malicious violations. Additionally, Claimants seek injunctive relief (preliminary and permanent) to stop Goddard’s further violations. AMOUNT IN CONTROVERSY: In excess of $8,000,000”

YesJulz allegedly owes $7.7 million in NDA violations that will be collected after termination, according to Yeezy’s Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopoulos. In response, YesJulz directed a tweet at Ye and Yiannopoulos on Wednesday (March 13), which read, “Fuck An NDA. Sue Me.

Ye and Yiannopoulos reportedly terminated YesJulz due to various unauthorized releases of Yeezy content during the Vultures Vol.1 rollout. YesJulz is accused of presenting ideas not her own but by fans with promises to be hired at Yeezy. YesJulz has denied all the accusations.

In a follow-up tweet, she added: “Lol FUCK MILO. Try me you little bitch.”

YesJulz supported Ye’s Vultures campaign by reposting content, promoted other artists she is currently working with, shared tweets like “Keep that same energy [smiley face emoji]” and “Victory favors the brave,” while also sharing photos.

After her termination, YesJulz shared plans to relax momentarily before building up her 1AM Creative company. “I’m going to enjoy relaxing for a bit, but as soon as this thing I’m working on is ready to be shared, I’ll be building the team back up for all things 1AM & NNW,” she told an X user on March 16.

At press time, YesJulz had not issued a reply to Ye’s Notice of Intent to Arbitrate Before Judicate West.

In 2019, Ebro in the Morning focused on a previous beef involving YesJulz and influencers Scottie Beam and Karen Civil. At the time, Ebro – who said he was cool with her – suggested that YesJulz should learn from the backlash and apologize. Watch the clip at the 5:27 mark, below.