YesJulz to Kanye West: “F**k An NDA. Sue Me.”

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Influencer Julieanna “YesJulz” Goddard fires back at Ye and Yeezy’s Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopolous on Wednesday (March 13) after being fired for alleged violation of NDA.

YesJulz, 34, clarified her termination, role in the rollout, and allegations in a series of tweets. She also dared Ye, Milo Yiannopolous and Yeezy team to sue her over a $7.7 million debt mentioned in an email by Yiannopolous. “Fuck an NDA. Sue Me,” she tweets.

The influencer was accused of sharing unreleased photos of merch, sharing unauthorized information with fans, and stealing ideas from fans with promises of meeting Ye. She denied all the accusations.

“Ye is up against the system,” began YesJulz. “Having the discussion with fans in an open forum setting was unconventional, but it allowed for inclusivity & open visibility for an entire fan base to opt in, give feedback, be heard, connect with one another to combine efforts. Which is what I feel is needed. For Ye to stay on top for these next two runs. I was also given specific direction to “rally” the fans, let them each lead their own chapters, activate within their locations- etc. This was MY way of doing so. I am not a conventional woman & this is why I worked at the company I worked at in the first place. I never wanted work done for free. I wanted to help the fans present their work to Ye. So that he could hire them. Instead of stale ass losers who don’t know the slightest thing about culture like Ben Priest & Milo Pedofilist. To build his company for him. Anyone who has ever been in contact with me for as little as 5 minutes knows. The last thing I’d ever need to steal, Is an idea. I’d actually pay to have less as the amount of ideas i have overwhelm me daily. Refer to my February tweets about hiring fans. Listen to the space. It’s very clear who I am and what I stand for.”

While addressing the situation, she talks about the real purpose of making history in the music industry, tweeting: 

“Anywhoo, I say all that to say, none of this BS drama should be the focus right now. We are witnessing history in the making. We have an opportunity to help one of the most iconic artists of our time fight for the equity that creatives should have always had in their art. An opportunity to finally dismantle the label system. & build a new one where fans & artists are in the drivers seat, reaping the benefits and profits, as they should be. Thats what Ye being #1 this time around means. Thats why rallying the fans is so important”

After some clarity, YesJulz revealed text conversations with Milo Yiannopolous that included him referencing a Ye fan as a “Down Syndrome megafans” and said they had “developmental disorders.” The tweet with photos of text messages reads: “Heres what Milo, the Chief of Staff who controls who gets hired + fired & when they get paid, thinks about the very fan base that fought so hard to get Ye his first #1 in over a decade.”

YesJulz shares she has been working on Vultures rollout since December and could have exposed Yiannopolous and others. “I could have exposed this maniac a while ago, but unlike her, i was too busy actually working to sell music & product & did not have time to stoop down to her level. But now that i’ve got a day off for the first time since December 11th (Christmas included). I’ve got time.”

She added: “Kanyesposts is 100% one of them ones Milo be talking bout tho. She a lil special & you wana talk about scammers? Shes the one charging Ye fans like Sloan $500 to go talk on a podcast that she built off of Ye’s name. The girl offered to assist me on the ground in LA. So i asked her to do a target run for me. She called me 10x in a row demanding i put her on a call with Ye, at MIDNIGHT mind you, and so i blocked her & never saw her the request for the $70, which she received within 48 hours of requesting and going public with claims of my ‘abuse and scamming’.”

Since the release from the Vultures rollout, YesJulz has removed all Yeezy-related posts from her Instagram account. Her series of tweets were met with mixed reactions by fans on X.

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