YFN Lucci & PnB Rock Ordered To Pay $1.7 Million To Rackboy Cam For Stealing ‘Everyday We Lit’

YFN Lucci
Photo credit – Shutterstock

A New Jersey artist scored a big win.

Rackboy Cam sued YFN Lucci and PnB Rock for allegedly stealing his song for their 2016 banger “Everyday We Lit.”

Rackboy Cam has a song called “Everything Be Lit” and claims they got their music from him. It’s been a long three-year battle for Cam. He initially filed in 2018 over the similarities of the song. Both songs talk about lyrics involving jewelry and women.

Cam asked a judge to stop sales from the song and give him profits from it. “Everyday We Lit” reportedly made $7 million in revenue. A judge found that Cam’s song was similar to the mainstream one. A judge awarded Cam over $1.4 million, plus legal expenses. He also received writer’s credit for royalties at 50% in perpetuity from YFN Lucci and PnB Rock, Hip Hop N’ More reports.

In a statement, Rackboy said, “This has been a very lengthy and tedious process. I’m grateful for the outcome, and I’m thankful it’s all behind me.” He continued, “I’m excited to get back into the studio and continue creating music for my fans. I wish the best for all parties on current and future endeavors.”