YNW Melly Allegedly Rode Around with Friends Dead Bodies in his Car!

YNW Melly

Photo Credit: Handout 

The hit song “Murder On My Mind” by YNW Melly allegedly may be a true story.


The Florida rapper reportedly tried to cover up his crime by staging an elaborate scheme to make it seem as though his friends were murdered in a drive-by shooting.


According to reports, YNW Cortlen and Melly drove to the emergency room asking for help after murdering their two close friends . The victims were shot in the head, torso, and back and pronounced dead at the hospital.


Cortlen told the authorities that they all left the studio and exited the freeway when a car pulled up and started letting off shots. The Police don’t believe that happened at all and feel that the rappers are trying to cover up the murder and reportedly have proof of this.


Authorities also stated that Melly and Cortlen drove around with the two dead bodies in their car for a while before they arrived at the hospital that night.

Source: TMZ