Yo Gotti Gives Artists “Universal Clearance” for His Track “Dolla Fo’ Dolla”

Yo Gotti's CMG 2022 Press Conference

Gotti’s Givin’ Out Free Game.

Last week Yo Gotti took to social media to announce “a universal clearance” on his track Dolla Fo Dolla. Using the popular “duet” function on TikTok hundreds of creators used the song to record verses on the song, but the collaboration doesn’t stop there. Yo Gotti explained that any artist can use the song however they want, proclaiming “You can put it on YouTube, you can put it on DSPs. You know, there’s Apple, Spotify. You make the paper from it, I ain’t even tripping.” This opens the door for independent artists to have a Yo Gotti feature on their mixtapes, albums, and music videos.Dolla Fo Dolla is featured on Yo Gotti’s 2022 album “CM10: Free Game,” which is ironic because Gotti is giving Dolla Fo Dolla to independent artists as free game. 

In an entertainment landscape where publishing deals, intellectual property rights, and copyright lawsuits decide how money is made and divided – this move is unheard of. Yo Gotti knows that this idea is unique, stating “PSA‼️ NEVER DONE BEFORE EVER” on Instagram. Gotti is able to do this because he owns his masters.

The link to download the Dolla Fo Dolla track is here.

This is just one of a few recent moves by Gotti, who just signed California rapper Mozzy to his label CMG.

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