Young M.A. Addressed Concerning Video Regarding Her Health

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Young M.A. is responding after a video went viral and left fans wondering about her health.

The Brooklyn rapper’s barber shared a video of Young M.A. getting a shape-up. In the footage, fans noticed her eyes were yellow, and some speculated that it was a sign of liver disease.

On Wednesday, March 15, Young M.A. gave a statement to XXL. She said, “I recently was hospitalized and was successfully treated for several conditions.” Although she didn’t specify what the health issues are, she went on to say she’s doing better. The “Hello Baby” rapper went on to say,

“I’m doing better now, will take some time but I’m on the road to recovery and look forward to the future.” At the end of the message, Young M.A. gave fans some comfort and said she’ll explain everything on her own time. She said,

“Rest assured, I’m in good spirits and everything will be explained in the MUSIC! Plus documentary..Love y’all MAB! Don’t worry I’m good! -M.A.”

Young M.A.’s barber also responded to backlash after online users criticized him for initially sharing the concerning video. wrote Fatsdabarber said, “Y’all got so much to say as if I’m trying to embarrass my dawg. If she didn’t want me to record, she would’ve told me. Y’all don’t know our bond nor our friendship.”

Then he jokingly continued, “What y’all need to do is just send your prayers for her and that’s that she didn’t have a haircut in a month and she wanted me to bring her haircut back to life, which I did. Thank you for coming, sis [Young M.A], and rocking with me like always. Love ya.”

As of March 15, Young M.A.’s Instagram page is cleared of any content. In her stories, she reposted Fats, and said “we blessed don’t let that get you blooda. And I told you it was like 4 months.” 

Prayers out to Young M.A. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery.