Young M.A. Updates Fans On Her Health, Says She ‘Getting Well’

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Young M.A. has an update for her fans as many grew concerned about her health.

We previously reported that a video went viral of the rapper, where many fans noticed the color of her eyes which raised some questions. Following the video she let fans know she was “successfully treated for several conditions,” and is now “on the road to recovery.”

Young M.A. returned to her Instagram story to make it clear that she is doing much better and is also “very much sober.” She explains, “yo, what up, MAB. I know I’ve been low-key. Long story short, basically, you know. It’s a small setback for just a comeback,” Young M.A stated. “Unfortunately, I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life and things start to catch up with you, or whatever the case.” 

She continued, “I just want y’all to know, besides all that, I’m doing much better. I’ve been getting well. I’ve been very much sober. I don’t want to go specifically into details, ‘cause I really want to bring y’all along on my journey. So, besides dropping new music, I also have a documentary with my story. Y’all know I’m mysterious. I keep my personal problems to myself. But, now it’s time to express that to y’all.”  

“Basically, it’s going to be one of those M.A summers, I promise you,” she added. “So, stay in tune. Bare with me too, man. Because I know it be me, it be me. My fault. I love y’all. But, you know. Things happen, unfortunately. But, I got y’all back. I’m still here and I ain’t going nowhere.”