Young Thug Sued Over $115K Jewelry Debt

Young Thug performing on stage.

Photo credit: John Parra / Getty Images 

In trouble again! Young Thug is being sued by Icebox Diamond and Watches, over $115k outstanding jewelry bill.  

If you remember, Thugger was facing some legal issues not too long ago and it appears they won’t be ending anytime soon. This popular Atlanta jeweler is alleging that Thug never paid off his remaining debt.

The jeweler is stating that Young Thug took over $200k worth of jewelry and only paid $95K, claiming that he would pay off the rest of the money at a later date. This happened in-between May 2017 and May 2018. The balance remains unpaid as of now, which is causing the jeweler to take legal action.

Attorney for Icebox, Matthew Parish, stated that Thug was sent a letter on Oct. 16th demanding the rest of the money that was owed. “We told him if he did not respond, or at least get back to us to discuss the debt, within 30 days, we would sue him,” Parrish said before claiming the rapper has been unresponsive.

They are requesting Thug to pay his remaining balance, $250K in punitive damages, as well as lawyer fees. Young Thug has not responded to these allegations as of yet.