Young Thug Urges His ‘Rap Brothers’ To Help Africans ‘Get Out of Ukraine’

Ukraine flag + Young Thug
Photo credit – (L) Shutterstock/ (R) Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Young Thug is using his star power for a greater purpose.

The rapper posted a message online trying to help Black people impacted by the violent invasion of Ukraine from Russian president Vladimir Putin’s recent decision to move forward with a “special military operation.”  Young Thug offered his help to get Africans in Ukraine out safely. Thug wrote on Instagram Stories,

“If some of my rap brothers are in, I’m willing to help Africans get out of Ukraine however I can sense they not letting us pass.” He continued, “Who ever holds the info for these movements, please contact me ASAP I’m ready.” Take a look at a screenshot shared by Hip Hop DX:


On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of UkraineWestern Allie’s including the U.S. punished Russia with new economic sanctions. Putin warned that if countries interfere with his plans, they’ll “face consequences they’ve never seen before.” 

In the latest update, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged U.S. President Joe Biden to give a strong message about Russia’s invasion during his State of the Union address. President Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address later tonight. He’ll address his legislative agenda, rising inflation, declining public support, and the war in Ukraine, The Week reports. According to Ukraine’s government, Aljazeera reports over 350 civilians, including 14 children, have been killed during the invasion, while more than half a million people have fled the country. 

CNN points out, international students trying to leave Ukraine say they are experiencing racist treatment by Ukrainian security forces and border officials. Rachel Onyegbule, an African medical student, told CNN, “she and other foreigners were ordered off the public transit bus at a checkpoint between Ukraine and Poland border. They were told to stand aside as the bus drove off with only Ukrainian nationals on board.” She continued,

“More than 10 buses came and we were watching everyone leave. We thought after they took all the Ukrainians they would take us, but they told us we had to walk, that there were no more buses and told us to walk.” She continues, “My body was numb from the cold and we haven’t slept in about 4 days now. Ukrainians have been prioritized over Africans — men and women — at every point. There’s no need for us to ask why. We know why. I just want to get home,” 

Onyegbule says she eventually got her exit document stamped on Monday (February 28) around 4.30 a.m. local time.


Prayers up for Ukraine.