Young Thug/YSL Trial: Attorney Nicole Fegan Arrest, Charges, Expert Opinions & What’s Next

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Young Thug’s/Young Slime Life’s RICO trial has been a rollercoaster ride that continues with every twist and turn. In the latest headlines from the Fulton County trial, attorney Nicole Fegan, who represented former co-defendant Tenquarius Mender, was arrested on Friday, Feb. 17, in Atlanta on criminal street gang activity and criminal solicitation to commit the offense of tampering with evidence.

The 34-year-old Atlanta-based criminal defense attorney was arrested in Gwinnett County before being transferred to Fulton County jail. She was released on a $40,000 bond Friday night at 10 PM. The arrest stems from an investigation that proved Fegan provided a person with information on an active warrant and told them to dispose of their phone before the arrest.

Following her release, the attorney proceeded to share cryptic videos on her Instagram account.

Fegan was not involved in the Young Thug trial during the arrest. Tenquarius Mender, an affiliate of YSL and Fegan’s client, was served in the ongoing RICO case in May 2023.

Fegan’s arrest made headlines nationwide over the weekends concerning the high-profile hip-hop trial. And with more than meets the eye, Hot 97 breaks down everything about the Atlanta attorney, her charges, what she is possibly facing, and how it relates to Young Thug’s case.

Who Is Nicole Fegan, Esq?

The “LeBron James of the Legal World” is known for her “Got Proof” catchphrase on social media. Prominently known for the Young Thug trial, Fegan has represented other Atlanta rap stars such as Jose Guapo, Rasheeda, Lil Scrappy, and PeeWee Longway.

“If you tired of waitin’, call Fegan,” said PeeWee in an Instagram post on her account.

The John Marshall Law graduate generated popularity with posts of her rapping about getting her clients off in the trial on her social media accounts. “People play gangsta and pull these games at the same time. That shit is weird,” Fegan said in the Instagram video posted before her arrest.

Fegan has been practicing law for 10 years after graduating Magna Cum Laude and Excellence In Pro Bono Award in 2014. She is the mother of one.

In a 2022 deadly double shooting in Downtown Atlanta, investigators confirmed Fegan notified an unnamed suspect of an active warrant following her presence at a preliminary hearing related to the crime. Evidence alleges that the attorney told the defendant to “dispose of his phone as police were going to arrest him.”

What Could She Be Facing?

Criminal solicitation to tamper with evidence in Georgia carries a penalty of 1-3 years in prison. For serious violent felonies like double shooting, the penalty can be 1-10 years in prison. Participating in gang activity can result in a prison sentence of 5-20 years and a fine of $10-15,000.

What Other Legal Experts Are Saying About Nicole Fegan’s Arrest?

Kodak Black attorney, Bradford Cohen, chimed in on the news of Fegan’s arrest with his legal analysis on expectations in her case. In an Instagram post, he wrote:

“This one is a stretch but should also be a lesson for young criminal lawyers. My understanding of the allegations is that she attended a preliminary hearing where she found out about an active warrant.”

He continued: “She then called the guy with the warrant and told him he had a warrant. I don’t think that’s the worst part because it seems like at that point, it was public. Then she told him to ditch his phone. (That’s more of the trouble part) I imagine the phone was either tapped or the guy she gave the info to, ratted her out. (It is Atlanta) I think the charges don’t match the alleged crime. Yet again, it’s Atlanta, so it doesn’t surprise me.”

Renee Rockwell, Atlatna lawyer and a friend of Fegan, states that Fegan is innocent but will not be representing her in the case.

How Will Nicole Fegan’s Arrest Affect Young Thug’s Case?

Nicole Fegan’s arrest and charges are unrelated to Young Thug’s RICO trial; therefore, will have no effect on the outcome of his trial. Fegan’s client severed himself from the RICO and will address his charges in a separate trial.

Fegan’s client, Tenquarius Mender, is facing 50 years in prison for alleged involvement in the YSL criminal enterprise. Mender’s severed trial date to be announced.

What’s Next?

Fegan will have an arraignment hearing soon while she’s out on bond. At the hearing, she will be read her charges and given the opportunity to respond with guilty or not guilty. It is unknown if Fegan will represent herself in a trial.