Yung Miami Shares Secret To Getting Diddy To Date Her

While everyone is asking Ciara for her prayer, Yung Miami is revealing the secret to how she was able to get Diddy to date her. 

In a conversation with Billboard News she was asked about some tips she could give people when it comes to being able to date someone of Diddy’s status. Her answer? Bening yourself.

“I don’t know ’cause people say that I wasn’t Diddy type,” Miami explained. “But clearly, I am. So, I think that you just be yourself because people, they gravitate towards real. Like, so many people try to be something that they not. You just got to be yourself. I’m just myself. I’m just that b***h and that’s how you just bag a n***a.”

The two have had a very public romance that fans have been loving. Diddy just celebrated his 54th birthday and Yung Miami was one of his biggest cheerleaders on his big day.

In the caption she wrote, “Happy birthday @diddy There’s no other place I’d rather be! I love to rock with you🤍.” The post was a carousel of never-before-seen images of the two.

The news of their relationship first surfaced back in 2021 and they have not hidden their romance since. At the 2023 Met Gala, Diddy shared that he and Yung Miami are enjoying themselves and that’s it.

“We definitely go together real bad!” he said on the red carpet. “She’s my date for the night… We don’t put titles on it. Everybody wants us to put a title on it, we don’t put titles. This like my best friend in the world, one of the most beautiful people God has blessed me with. And I’m blessed that she’s my date tonight.”