Another BIG 90’s Sitcom Reunion Is In The Works? [PHOTO]

Gif of Steve Urkel from Family matters making a variety of faces

We are in the world of reboots, remakes, and reunions.

But could this one popular sitcom be up for a long standing reunion?

From 1989-1997, Family Matters was one of the most popular sitcoms running on the TGIF lineup on ABC. Steve Urkel who turned into Stephon Urkel as they alter-egos chase Laura Winslow was a longstanding storyline. While Eddie Winslow was the ladies man who got all the women. We’re still asking where’s Judy?

Yesterday (Apr 25), Darius McCrary went on Twitter to troll a reunion, and the reactions did not quite go as well as you may have thought.

See the reactions below.