BIG Business! Jay Z Signs A MAJOR Deal!

Jay Z in maroon jacket smiling outside
(Photo Credit: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images)

Jay Z has been busy securing the bag.

In the past year alone, Hova has seen successes with the streaming music platform TIDAL, producing intriguing docu-series on television, featuring on songs, oh and preparing to father twins.

Over the weekend, he also signed a big extension of his current deal with Live Nation which was originally signed in 2008. That year he signed a 10-year 360 deal worth $150 million that covered his next three albums, publishing, and the creation of Roc Nation.

According to Billboard he signed an extention of that original deal with several revisions.

“Live Nation has a new long term deal with Jay Z and we expect to continue being equity partners in Roc Nation for many years to come,” a spokesperson told them.

The report states that while details of the new deal were not disclosed, it does not seem lke it includes the original 360 element of the deal, covers much of the touring expenses.

“Jay Z and Live Nation will continue to operate Roc Nation’s management and recorded music business as a joint venture. Live Nation has let many of its 360 recorded-music deals sunset and has largely gotten out of the recorded music business, although through its various joint ventures it does retain some label holdings”

“The paper also reported that the end of the original deal would trigger a buy-sell clause, where either Jay or Live Nation would be able to sell their stake in the company or buy the other out; that is also not the case, sources say, and Live Nation’s confirmation of a long-term deal seemingly puts that speculation to bed.”

So the question is…when is this new Jay Z album happening?