Bow Wow Is Now Getting Roasted For Giving Relationship Advice [VIDEO]

Screenshot from video of Bow Wow aka Shad Moss

[Photo Cred: Screen Shot ]

IT’s starting to get ridiculous how much Bow Weezy, aka Shad Moss gets roasted practically every single time he opens his mouth! The question in my mind is, is it because he has a target on him, OR he consistently says some really dumb shi* trying to look like someone he’s not? We may never know for sure, all we can do is keep track of how much it happens, and try and have an open mind…. with that being said, Some people have been giving Shad the business all day behind this advice;

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This funniest yet realest(to me) was ill Da Kid’s response, especially Gillie typically takes time daily to give us a Million dollars worth of advice:

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