Brooklyn Kids vs NYPD After Chased By Ex-Officer With A Gun

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On Thanksgiving eve, 2021, three Brooklyn kids , the 12, 13, & 14 year old, Brendan, Kyi-el & Kawun were playing with a basketball where the ball hit the camera damaging it in the process.

The business, owned by an ex-police officer Kruythoff Forrester than exited the business and allegedly chased the trio for 7-minutes with his gun out.

The ex-officer was then allegedly arrested for the incident and had been detained at the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville.

According to The City, NYPD Community Affairs Bureau Chief Jeffrey Maddrey at the time reportedly ordered the ex-cop’s arrest to be voided. Hours later Forrester was released and no charges were pressed at the time.

The report states that officials say he was licensed to have a pistol, and that Forrester denied drawing or pointing his gun at the boys.

Despite the video being released, nothing has happened. They tell their side of the story, and address what accountability looks like for them. They are asking for a public apology,

They are organizing for a Youth March April 10 in Brooklyn starting at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Demands beings asked are: transparent investigation by the attorney generals audience for Forrester actions, and actions by NYPD. Resignation by Chief Maddrey and Chief Scott Henderson. Retraction & correction to members of the media who allegedly misrepresented the incident.