Cardi B Is Blasting VH1 For THIS! [VIDEO]

Cardi B in front of Being Mary Jane BET Network

Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

We all know by now that “reality TV” has a lot of scripting and manipulation in it, and Cardi B confirmed that even further last night.

In the most recent episode of Love & Hip-Hop, many of the ladies of the cast went on a girls’ trip to Mexico, and at one point, Cardi and Mariah Lynn show up. On the show, it appears the pair were uninvited and are blasted behind their backs by the other ladies, and Cardi is NOT feeling how it ended up making her look.

Taking to Instagram, the former dancer blasted VH1 for blatantly lying to her, revealing that the producers BEGGED her to come to Mexico, and despite her extremely packed schedule, she finally gave in because they were so adamant. She NEVER was made to believe that she wasn’t invited while she was actually filming, and says this whole debacle is exactly why she’s happy she’s no longer going to be a part of the show in the future. Got out just in time!

Check out both the episode clip and Cardi’s reaction below, and let us know your thoughts!

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