Desiigner Talks His Start, His Relationship with Phresher,Thoughts On Future, Signing To Kanye, & Panda About To Go Diamond & MORE [VIDEO]

Desiigner in Hot 97 Studio

Me personally, not only do I NOT have broads in Atlanta, but I barely have in NYC, but the homie Desiigner(I can now call him Homie because we bonded over  gaming)

, he got em world wide!!! Listen if you’re like me, you were kinda in the dark about Desiigner’s life, how he came about, who was there in the beginning, why he sounds like Future, what happened between him and Phresher, how Kanye signed him, and anything else you may have heard but wasn’t sure about, no worries, all questions answered now;

If you don’t know, this story is a little more special to us because we pretty much watched the part from Panda up close because Zana Ray is Hot97 fam, so we knew about it before a lot of y’all, of course besides Zana, people like Bobby Trends, Jeff the Don, even Triple Threat knew about it first first, but a whole bunch knew before y’all popped in, and we just became so proud of him!

Now I would still like to know about the 11 labels in the bidding war, but you gotta watch this close, the boy Desiigner is slick, he takes those jabs where needed , lolololololololol.