Does The Usher Sextape REALLY Exist?

Usher performs at Port of Rotterdam North Sea Jazz festival at Ahoy on July 07
(Photo Credit: Dimitri Hakke/Getty Images)


Quantasia Sharpton has to take a step back on her lawsuit against Usher for allegedly exposing her to herpes after having casual sex.

Earlier this week she claimed that she had a sex tape with the singer during a recent interview. A claim that her own lawyer Lisa Bloom decided to deny to TMZ.

Sharpton’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells us her client’s statement is really just a “misunderstanding” … Bloom says there is no sex tape. We’re guessing Bloom had no idea Sharpton did the interview.

That will certainly hurt her credibility as she tries to win some money in the case and prove that Usher did indeed have sexual relations with her.

For the record he denies the claims, saying that he was too busy chasing his current wife during that time.