Funk Flex Presents #5MinutesOFunk004 With Just Blaze #TurntableTuesday97 [VIDEO]

Hot 97 5 minutes of Funk Just Blaze

If you weren’t sure, the point of #5MinutesOfFunk is to give the real DJ’s with skill the spotlight they deserve. You may feel like someone at Just Blaze’s stature doesn’t need the spotlight, but some really needed to see he is about his biz!! After the battle with Swiss Beatz some where use the letter ‘L’, and although Swiss may have gotten that, it is Swiss Beatz, at NO point should the letter L be used with either of them, so we wanted to make sure you paid attention;


Here are the first few Break Beats…. if you’re a DJ, you should learn all of these

Brazilian Rhyme

Big Beat

I know you got Soul

Sing Sing

Heaven and Hell is On Earth

Theme from S.W.A.T.

Frisco Disco

Dance to the Drummers beat


Here’s some facts you need to know about Just Blaze;


-Where are you from;

Paterson NJ –

-Where did you get your DJ name

I was DJ Just. Later on when I started making records, Huddy 6, Supa Sam and some of my other people from uptown came up with the name as sort of a joke because I didn’t have a producer name. They were calling me “Just Hot” which was terrible. When I did those records with Mase, I didn’t have a name so they put Just Blaze on the record. I was gonna change it but the album went Gold. After that, I Figured I may as well keep it.  –

-Who was/is your inspiration as a DJ 

Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, Johnny Juice Rosado, Pete Rock, Clark, Red Alert, Cash Money, DJ Scratch, Jam Master Jay, Marley, A-trak, Primo, way too many to list completely.  – First exposed to the craft when _____   The craft of DJing has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. But Jazzy Jeff “live at union square” was what made me decide that I would be a DJ for the rest of my life.  –

-When did you start as a DJ 

Probably late 1987 or early 1988 – First record you bought and in what format?  Run DMC’s first album. Saved up allowance money. Bought it on vinyl. I never bought cassettes. I maybe owned 4 in my childhood.  – Last time you carried a crates (if you ever did) 5-6 months before CDJ’s officially dropped. (I had prototypes)  –

-Who have you carried crates for



-Biggest misconception about being a DJ is ______

That it’s easy


– Favorite fallback song

Public Service Announcement 


– You can DJ for anyones party dead or alive, that person is ______

James Brown 


– First time you bombed

  My first Festival in the UK. I forget the name. I didn’t play a bad set, i just played the wrong set. I was totally unprepared. I came back with a vengeance and killed the following year though. 


– First time you rocked

My 7th grade school dance 


– Toughest crowd to impress (doesn’t have to be a city, could be situation or event type)

A room full of other DJ’s and producers I admire and respect.