Funk Flex Presents Dj Diamond The Artist in #5MinutesOfFunk007 [VIDEO]

Hot 97 5 Minutes of Funk DJ Diamond

#5MinutesOfFunk007 Back With the Culture, not the Thug or Drug culture, but the real and true way the actual art form came about, the DJ! As we’ve been getting with the Nicest of DJ’s, we have the original EPMD, Dj Diamond J, whom was actually a rapper as well, but let’s just stick to how fire a DJ he is… check it out;





Bro is Super NICE, here’s some info you may need;


Where is the DJ from – Born in BK, Raised in Brentwood Long Island  


Where did you get your DJ name –  The name Diamond was giving to me by a female I was seeing when I was a teen and it was purely a sexual thing lol 


Who was/is your inspiration as a DJ – Chuck, Red, Funk, Capri, Flash, Jeff, Daddy Rich & my brothers DJ Maniac & Greg G! 


First exposed to the craft when – I was 8yrs old and my bro’s bought turntables. I’d sneek on the set when they were gone and taught myself how 2 rock! 


When did you start as a DJ – Learned at 8, started doing parties around 12-13 


First record you bought and in what format? – Doug E Fresh The Show 12 inch vinyl (Doubles) 


Last time you carried a crates (if you ever did) – Been a long time lol These promoters will have 2 pay me a grib 2 bring my vynil out now. I got over 50,000 in my collection but it’s gonna cost for me to T.I. Bring Em Out Bring Em Out!!!!  


Who have you carried crates for – Never did that persay but I definitely paid my dues in this game #RealTalk 


Best place in the world to DJ is – I’d say anywhere in Europe. Out there they really appreciate the art form and the culture. 


Biggest misconception about a DJ is  – That we are Jukebox’s / Human Ipod’s. Our job is to control the room, create the vibe & keep the mood right. Patrons somehow feel that they should be the ones to dictate this but are never hired to do so….Hmmm why is that?


Favorite song to play at a party – Nobody Beats The Biz 


Favorite fallback song –  The Benjamins (Can Never Go Wrong With That Song)


You can DJ for anyones party dead or alive, that person is –  Prince (RIP) Although I’ve dj’d many parties for Prince all over the world I truly miss that guy and would love to rock for him just 1 more time. 


First time you bombed – At my 1st Barmitzva. I went thru hoops 2 get all this traditional Mitzva music when honestly the client hired me bcuz of my incredible Turntable Skills & that’s what they wanted. So I only half bombed until they told me to just do me….Then I killed it! 


First time you rocked – At a block party in Brooklyn when I was 9 yrs old. Back then I was DJ Baby J. 


Toughest crowd to impress – I’d have 2 say the Apollo. I almost got booed off that stage while I was cutting. If I didn’t figure out how 2 impress them fast it would of been a nightmare. Luckily I did and got a Standing Ovation when I was done but Whoooooooo it was almost a Disaster Lmao!!! 




DJ DIAMOND “The Artist” (Celebrity DJ to the Stars)  World Renown DJ / MC / Entertainer. Championship Turntablist, Member of the X-Men / X-Ecutioner DJs. Corporate Affiliations with Boost Mobile, Guess, Dove, Luvs, Tide & GM. Former Radio DJ / Host on Coast 2 Coast Hip Hop (Host Ralph McDaniels, Producer Chris Mercado) [Syndicated], Party 105.3 (L.I. NY), (NY) & Sirius XM, Current Shows on Worldcast Radio & Television Host on FRPTV Network, TV Appearances: TVONE, VH1, UPN9, Fox, Fuse, Centric, BET, MTV, DJ for Centric Comedy All Stars, Bill Bellamy, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart,  Anthony Anderson & Friends, Mixtape Comedy. World Tours.