Funk Flex Watches Arsonal Flame BARS in #Freestyle054 [VIDEO]

Hot 97 FlexFreestyle #54 Arsonal

It’s def been a min coming but thanks to Officially Ice staying on me, and Flex and I feeling good about the timing, we got one of New Jersey’s most prolific Bar smith’s, Arsonal…. you can’t spell BARS without the Ars, is here and ready to show everyone what’s he’s really about!! If you don’t know, Arsonal, a Battle Rap great that’s not only rocked in the top league(URL), he’s started his own league that’s on the rise(UDubb). This business savvy MC really did rip this down… so with out further ado, ARS;





Look, I feel like I need to keep it one hundred and tell the story… after the freestyle I said to Ars, ‘bro, for the record I fux with Beasley and Smack(I mean I was just at NOME 7 on the stage, and I just interviewed Smack and Beas  for HotinTech)’ but Ars assured me it’s just business and he too ‘fux with them, it’s all love’. Look I know battle rap is diff and shots are taken all the time but still…. I gotta be me and keep it funky if i Fux with you…. and he snapped on those bars!!!!