Funk Flex Watches Ms. Hustle Catch A Body in #Freestyle058 [VIDEO]

Hot 97 Ms Hustle

They saying Flex’s Name heavy out here….We were off last week, but we came back so you can Enjoy some REAL CONTENT(Not ‘challenged’ people) with those True Bars, Harlem’s Ms Hustle, and she killed it!!! I hit Kay Slay last week if she was in town, she wasn’t, Slay said ‘But she’s ready!!’, so instead of putting out just anyone, we waited, and…. we’ll you tell me, was it not worth the wait;



Tell me she didn’t Body that sh*t?!? I have to be honest, I’ve always liked that Dungeon family beat ever since Cool Breeze put it out in the 90’s, but that didn’t sway me, she really did hurt that beat!!