Future Promises He Wasn’t Being Petty When Attending The Falcons vs. Seahawks Game


Photo Credit: Sergi Alexander / Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons played the Seattle Seahawks in ATL for the playoffs over the weekend, making for an interesting situation for Ciara. The Atlanta-bred singer is not only from the city but her son’s father is as well…but her husband and son’s stepfather, Russell Wilson, was playing for the opposing team. Good times.

Future – among other notable celebs in the ATL area – decided to show up to the game and root the Falcons on, and his picture from the sidelines instantly went viral. People were sure he was in attendance merely to spite Ciara and her new man and nothing more, but according to his team, that wasn’t the case at all.

TMZ reports that the rapper was not trying to be petty in the least, and insist that he meant no harm by attending the game. His reps say that Future was simply trying to enjoy the game and support his friends, including Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

Ultimately, the Seahawks lost and CiCi and the fam had to take that L, but they seem to be handling it pretty well. Somewhere, though, I’m sure Future is secretly gloating….at least just a tiny bit.