Hold Up! Could Marshawn Lynch Be Making A Come Back To The NFL?

Marshawn Lunch in Seahawks jersey taking off helmet during a game

Photo Cred: Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Is Marshawn Lynch making a come back to the NFL? According to NFL Network, Lynch returned to his hometown to meet with Jack Del Rio, the gead coach for the Oakland Raiders.

Rumor has it that Lynch will be returning to the NFL and the meeting with Del Rio could have been the first step in the right direction.

“My understanding is that meeting with Jack Del Rio is the final hurdle. If the Raiders coach signs off, dominoes fall,” Rapoport said of Lynch’s meeting.

Although the 30-year-old running back is still under contract with the Seattle Seahawks, Rapoport says the Oakland meeting was cleared by the Washington team.

However, in order for Lynch’s return to the league to become a reality, the Seattle Seahawks would have to release Lynch or the Raiders would have to initiate a trade.

If he makes a come back, after a 14 months in retirement, it will be more than exciting to see him “run through a m*thaf*cka* face” one more time. I guess we will have to just wait this one out and see what happens.