#HurtBae’s Ex-Boyfriend FINALLY Speaks Out! [VIDEO]

Hurt Bae
(Photo Credit: The Scene)

The story of #HurtBae took over the internet last week, and now we get his side of the story.

As everyone got into their feelings watching Kourtney Jorge get emotional as her ex-boyfriend Leonard Long III revealed why he decided to cheat.

After getting roasted on social media, Long decided to give his side of the story and explained why he didn’t seem to look all that emotional.

“I was definitely emotional. Just because it wasn’t written all over my face doesn’t mean I didn’t feel some type of way. That’s the way that I process the moment.”

He then continued.

“I’m 23 years old. I’m a young man trying to navigate the world. I’m going to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and live my life better…hold myself to a higher standard. I know I’m the most hated guy in America, but I sware I’ve changed. I would never want to put someone through that again.”

Then things got a little weird.

“I’m proud of her. I hope she gets all that she can out of this,” he said. “I made that b***h famous.”

Check out the interview below.