Irv Gotti Talks With Funk Flex About Jay Z, Nas, DMX, The Lox, Def Jam, BET Tales & More [VIDEO]

Irv Gotti in Hot 97 Studio

‘BIG was the King…..Held a street crown, radio crown, pop crown at the same time’, Starting off like that alone… but let’s add ‘Nas didn’t have the sales’… and ‘Hov was real street dude’… Now you’re ready to have the appropriate Mr. Krab Meme headsman while getting ready to press play on the 2Hr+ video that is #WeGotaStoryToTell007

It’s soooo much touched on(Pause) in this episode of #WeGotaStoryToTell, from the many diff artists he’s help get to where they are now even, like a Jay Z, help that resulted in 100’s of MILLIONs records sold, to the darkest period in his life, when the feds were after him yet he stood tall. He spoke on 50, the beginning, what really happened, to Ja being tight when Flex played those records. Irv didn’t’t like Kanye bullying Taylor Swift, calling her ’Tay Tay’….Irv likes Travis Scott, says reminds of ‘DMX’. You just ‘gotta’ watch B!