Is This How Biggie REALLY Felt About Cam’ron & Ma$e [VIDEO]

Notorious B.I.G
(Photo Credit: Des Willie/Getty Images)

The story of The Notorious B.I.G. continues to keep bringing gems over 20 years after their death.

During the late part of his career two young rappers were beginning names for themselves. Their names are of course Cam’ron and Ma$e.

Diddy’s former bodyguard Gene Deal has a YouTube series titled The Last B.I.G. Night where he revealed who he allegedly felt was the better artist.

“So he showed me a contract, and I think at the time the contract was either for 62 or 6.2 million dollars. It had Junior Mafia, Lil Kim, The Commission, I think Tracy Murray or Tracy something like Murray and Cam’ron,” Deal says. “He start telling me about Cam’ron, he said ‘Yo, Cam’ron…’ He felt like Cam’ron was the best rapper from Harlem, you understand? N**** loved Cam’ron. He said he didn’t like Ma$e.”

Interesting. I think a track between Cam’ron and Biggie would have been interesting. Listen to more below.