Karreuche Takes a Bit of L in Court Against Chris Brown

Chris Brown performs at Chris Brown The Party Tour at Honda

Photo Cred: Leon Bennett / Contributor

If you were not tracking this ‘beef’, good for you, keeping your brain in an intelligent space, I wish my job didn’t want this type of ‘news’ up, but unfortunately too many GAF about this craziness. So basically Ms. Tran filed charges that Chris was threatening her trying to get a permanant restraining order, never believed that, and today, because Ms. Tran didn’t even come to court thinking her sh*t don’t stink and ould call the judge(really, you think you can call the judge??). Well see that’s where I was wrong, you actually can call the judge, it just needss to be 12 days before the date, oops, and Chris was a no show as well, so now they gotta go back. If she would have showed up, this would be over and we wouldn’t need to talk anout it again!