Lonzo Ball Disses Nas AGAIN? Reveals What Artists Are ‘Real Hip Hop’ To Him [AUDIO]

Lorenzo Bakk performs at Melo Ball's 16th Birthday September 2
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Lonzo Ball is coming into his first year in the NBA with quite a buzz.

The 19-year-old was seen giving his opinion which was seen diss to Nas and “real hip hop.” “Y’all outdated, man,” he said on . “Don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore. Real hip-hop is Migos, Future.”

He went on air with ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley and Kelvin Washington clearing up the comments where many have their different feelings about.

“They told me that the goal for the next two months was [to get me to listen] to real hip-hop, I replied that’s not gon’ happen, and the first person who popped into my head was Nas, because obviously he’s real hip-hop.”

“So I’m like, nobody listens to Nas no more, which I think is true, because of my friends ain’t nobody bumping Nas no more, no disrespect to him. He had his time, I just think it’s a new time. And then the next question was, what is real hip-hop to you? And I said real hip-hop is Future and Migos, so that’s how it all went down.”

“Everybody went crazy with it, but that’s my side right there.”


Do you think it makes his comments seem a bit better?

Listen to his comments here.