Louisiana State Police Shot and Kill Unarmed Man, Dejuan Guillory, While He Lies On The Ground [VIDEO]

A black band is displayed around Louisiana State Police Officer Bryan Lee badge honoring officers Jackson

Photo Cred: Joshua Lott / Stringer

Last week marked one year since the Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge, which helped spark protest of Black men getting killed for no good reason, Like Eric Garner, Alton, Freddie Grey, Walter Scott…. I mean there’s so many to list(like “Tales” on BET did at the end of their premier episode). Absolutely no justice was served for Alton, and now in the state we have another situation that’s beyond questionable, and the ‘authorities’ are saying the man, Dejuan Guillory, that got killed is now questionable for shooting a cop -_-, which means he ‘looks like’ a suspect :-/