NLE Choppa Reveals How He Copes with Anxiety + Explains Why He Gave Lil Wayne Flowers

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NLE Choppa sat down with Nessa to discuss his new album Cottonwood 2 and his new single “Mo Up Front.”

He talked about the moment he gave Lil Wayne his flowers, why he did it and Wayne’s reaction, he also talked about his favorites including Kobe and Tupac.

The rapper also discussed things he learned from his parents, shopping at the jewelry store, walking out the Memphis Grizzlies and if he’s talked to Ja Morant since he was removed from the Powerade commercial, playing basketball against Chris Brown and his thoughts on Lil Durk and J. Cole’s game.

NLE Choppa also opened up on his healthy lifestyle, turning point in his life, coping with anxiety, hanging out at Floyd Mayweather’s house and the world giving him signs.