One Of Chief Keef Alleged Children’s Mother Claims He Hit Her [VIDEO]

Chief Keef performs at Brooklyn Bowl 2016

Photo Cred: Johnny Nunez / Contributor

Lots of Hesaid/she said BUT If a man hits a woman, it’s one of the lowest forms of humanity, Very dispicable….. IF true. I’ve seen first hand a woman make a claim like that to hurt a man, with the knowledge of knowing it wasn’t true, because she had an agenda, to make him a subject that she could capitalize off of…. in that case it was to try and be the poster child of ‘being abused but bouncing back’ (which is easy to do if you were never really traumatized like an Abused person) with a Reality show…. this time IF false(innocent until proven guilty) could be for monitary value, she keeps repeating how broke he is, she’s clearly thinking about money;