REALLY?! We FINALLY Learned What The ‘4:44’ Ads Were All About! [VIDEO]

peach background and black bold text which reads 4:44

THAT’S what it is!

Earlier this week, billboards began popping up across New York City with a peach background and black bold text which read 4:44.

No one really know what it was all about other than that the ads came from TIDAL bringing rumors that it might be initial promotion for Jay Z’s next album.

Last night (June 8), we finally learned what that ad was for.

During Game 3 of the NBA Finals, an ad appeared on which featured Mahershala Ali as a boxer, Danny Glover as his coach, and also promoting Lupita Nyong’o in what seemed to be a film.

It seems to be produced by Tidal. We don’t have much more details on it yet, but it seems to be very interesting.

Check out the clip below.