Russ Came To Rap In #Freestyle059 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Russ in Hot 97 Studio #Freestyle059 with Funk Flex

Russ…. Produced Mixed Master Engineer… written. Not for nothing, he’s talented AF, and he killed this, but if I’m going to be honest, there were a couple parts… I got it but I lost… but mostly he was ‘dropping gems’, If you listen to the entire 8 minutes, and listening past feeling himself(which he should), his story was thoroughly told in this, he told you his struggle, from beginning, til now to getting at Greg Street for what seems like being told he wasn’t going to make it;




VERY Talented young man, like for real, while recording this, watching it go down, listening to it a couple times while writing this, I honestly get a Drake(from when we met Drake back in ’09) vibe from him, especially understanding it was important to come up to Funk Flex to be ‘validated’, although he’s most def valid with his fan base, but the rich history means real validation… just like Drake did in ’09. All that to say, Russ is talented, and I see Drake working with him soon enough, and he will continue to blow up…. don’t forget ni**as bro!