Salute the DJ: Ghostwriters & Biters (Part 1) [VIDEO]

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In celebration of Black Music Month, Hot 97 is recognizing possibly the most important factor in hip hop music – the DJ.

Whether you’re at a cookout, getting ready for a party, at a concert, listening to the radio or on a smooth date, the DJ is one of the most influential factors in deciding whether it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. It’s safe to say they are the heart of the party.

The art and role of the disc jockey has changed over the years. Today, with the advances of technology it seems like everybody’s a DJ with Serato, Traktor and other programs making it easier to mix two records together.

Throughout the month of June, we are Saluting the DJ and looking at the art form’s evolution: past, present, and future.

In Episode one, legendary DJ’s Funk Flex, Chuck Chillout, and DJ Enuff go back to their beginnings and have a conversation on their experiences in hip hop. They debate some of hip hop histories biggest questions, and even revealed some secrets we never heard before.

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Watch it go down in Part 1: Respect the DJ: Ghostwriters & Biters:

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