Uh Oh: Kevin Hart Working Together With His Mistress?

Kevin Hart attends HartBeat Weekend Pool Party at The Venetian Las Vegas on September 2
(Photo Credit: Mindy Small/Getty Images)

Kevin Hart making a deal he might regret.

Within the past few weeks, the comedian has been haunted by a leaked sextape which allegedly shows Montia Sobbag, a woman he was allegedly cheating on his pregnant wife with. Now he might make a deal to make it all go away. 

According to her lawyer, Lisa Bloom she has been in contact with Hart’s lawyer and the two are working together to get the person who leaked the video. 

“Right after the weekend in Las Vegas I think they had some contact, but since the extortionist came out with these images, it’s all been through attorneys,” Bloom said. “I’ve spoken to Kevin’s attorney and established a friendly relationship. We’re on the same side, he agrees, and there doesn’t need to be any hostility or animosity. Let’s just catch the criminal who did this.”

Fair enough. The next step is fixing what might be some problems in the marriage especially with a brand new baby on the way.