URL’s Own Goodz Vs T-Top In #Freestyle050 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Bro, this one is Legendary!!!! URL Rap Battle has NOME 7 coming up at Irving Plaza on April 8th, and on the card is Goodz Vs. T-Top, the anticipation is so incredible, a completely sold out event…. unless you pay for the stream, which I suggest you do!! I’m not sure who you’re going for but remember this is NOT a battle, this is 2 dudes getting ready to battle, but freestyling in the same session;

April 8th is going to be so exciting, Super Shout to Beasley and Smack for such a DOPE event… Goodz def spit here, and T-Top didn’t necessarily do what he normally does, but I know Good was ready for months based on how him and his team would hit me on twitter, and as far as I know T-Top was asked Tuesday, so I will say, the actual Battle will be much different!!!