What Would YOU Do?! Uber Driver Unknowingly Takes Girl To Her Boyfriend’s House! See What Happens NEXT [PHOTO]

Man with head in hand in focus with girl blurred in background pointing at him
(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

You find some of the craziest stories on the internet.

Today, we learn of the insane story of the person who is now being dubbed “#Uberbae.” Have you ever been in a really good relationship, and one unexpected moment ruined it all?

This girl was staying at her boyfriend’s house when he said that his mom was in the hospital and that he was going to fly out to see her. When they parted ways she decided to try and pick up some extra cash by using Uber. She picked up a girl who was going to see this man she called her “boyfriend.” Turns out he lived in the same building. Turns out it was the same guy. 

Read to see what happens next.